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First Floor Additions

First Floor Additions

Whilst we build single storey homes and double story homes we also build first floor additions.

Lots of people are deciding to build a second storey to their homes – building upwards means that you don’t have to move and you can double the size of your living areas.

First floor extensions are great for:

  • Taking advantage of uninterrupted views
  • Increasing your living spaces
  • Indulging in a parents retreat
  • Creating living space for elderly relatives
  • Design a teenager’s retreat and keep the noise downstairs
  • Taking advantage of the vertical space on a small plot of land
  • Gives you room for a swimming pool and more living space

With more than 23 years’ worth of experience in the building industry, we know that your first floor extension needs to match your existing structure perfectly. As new home builders we have the expertise to build and manage your new vertical living space, within your time frame and within budget.

At Vinmac Constructions, we can design your first floor extension or work from your existing plans – whatever your needs. We can provide a building solution that increases your living space and increases the value of your property.

Costs of first floor additions

People are obviously concerned with the cost of a first floor addition, believing that it is more expensive than a home extension – but that is not necessarily so. Depending on your design, the cost of a first floor addition is quite often less than for an extension, as an extension needs foundation work which adds to the overall price.

Whether you decide to have a first floor addition or an extension to your home, the investment will pay you back not only in the extra living space, but also by increasing the value of your home – an extension or addition is instant equity in your home.

For more information on our first floor additions or home extensions or to arrange a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us – on 02 9653 2005 or complete our online enquiry form.

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