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New Homes

New Homes

Vinmac Constructions are experienced new home builders in the Sydney area.

We build from any plans – from architects, draftsmen or building designers. We can also arrange references for a reliable quality designer in your area to suit your project needs.

Build single story homes

Single story homes are a popular design as lots of people prefer all their living spaces to be on one level. We have lots of designs for single story homes available for you to choose from – but we can also work from your design.

Single story homes are great for:

  • The elderly or those with mobility problems
  • Preventing accidents and falls in young children and toddlers due to troublesome stairs
  • Vaulted ceilings, as there are no limitations on ceiling heights, due to a second story
  • Skylights

Build double story homes

  • Double story homes are being more and more popular, due to land limitations and people wanting to build on smaller plots of land or sub-divide existing plots of land.
  • Double story homes have s smaller footprint than single story homes so they can be built on smaller plots of land
  • Because of the second story, you have more living space than in a single story home
  • You can have separate zones upstairs and downstairs
  • If you have great views – you might want to have the living spaces upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs
  • You can buy a smaller block of land

New home builds by Vinmac Constructions:

  • Double brick
  • Brick veneer
  • Timber frames and cladding
  • Architectural designed homes
  • Kit homes
  • Reverse brick veneer

Double story homes do cost approximately 15% more than a single story home, but because they can be built on smaller plots of land – makes this cost differential negligible.

For more information on our new home builds, to discuss your project or to arrange a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us – on 02 9653 2005 or complete our online enquiry form.

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